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Interpreter und Translator - Spanischunterricht

Interpreter und Translator - Spanischunterricht

Enjoying life in the vineyards. Today is the ideal day to love, grow, do and mainly live.

A sincere smile is the perfect expression of human love and compassion.


Disfrutando la vida en los viñedos. Hoy es el día ideal para amar, crecer, hacer y principalmente vivir.

Una sonrisa sincera es la expresión perfecta del amor y la compasión humana.

                                                                                                    Patricia Calvillo




My favorite music and bands

I absolutely love, love this group.

The Mavericks are absolutely fantastic.  

Los Lonely Boys - Heaven

This song is amazin.

Rose Garden   

I love old country music

It’s Friday then… it’s Saturday, Sunday what?

This one sound's like summer

This music video makes me so happy!

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